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Hi Everyone,
My name is Mary Meek and my husband and I have been in the computer electronic business for 30 years. We have designed circuit boards,
manufactured memory modules, built and repaired computers. Hubby is also a programmer in many different computer languages.
I started sewing clothes for the kids when they were little (I don`t remember growing old) and then my first grandson was born and I decided to make a quilt and of course, I was way in over
my head, took a few lessons, completed the quilt and the rest is history, that was 16 years ago. I joined a guild and learned what a secret pal is, went to Quilt Market as a helper and then it hit me!
Husbands, friends, family members, neighbors, secret pals, would ask me what I thought would be a great gift for a quilter?

So I thought, a one stop-shop, dedicated to quilting gifts would be most helpful and with the help of my friends and family, was launched and the response from people has
been overwhelming.

Im here to help, so email me if you are looking for something